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Welcome to Emmalani Hawaiian Quilts  - where you can be sure that you are purchasing the best quality work done by the Master Quilters in the Pampanga area in the Philippines who learned their craft from their Hawaiian teachers. These quilts are meticulously hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted in the style developed in Hawaii after the Hawaiian Islands were discovered in the 1700’s.

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Fern New Monstera Lokelani Rose Ulu
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Our Low Prices - All prices include shipping.

  • Cal-King Quilt is approx. 120”X120” : $895 USD for bed quilt & 2 match shams
  • King Size Quilt is approx. 105” X 110” : $845 USD for bed quilt and 2 matching shams
  • Queen Size Quilt is approx. 90” X 105” : $795 USD for bed quilt and 2 matching shams
  • Full/Twin Size Quilt is approx. 80”X105” : $750 for bed quilt and 1 matching sham.
  • Extra small pillow covers: $75 USD for 2 (16”) and $75 USD for 2 (18”)
  • Wall Hangings: 42”X42” incl shipping are $150 USD, 40”X60”: $195 , 60" x 60": $255
  • Baby quilts: 42"X42" including shipping are $150.

Although the Hawaiians were introduced to patchwork quilts by the early missionaries, they chose to design their own unique style by using the appliqué method and echo quilting. Each Hawaiian style quilt , based on a design that originated in Hawaii, takes 45-60 days to complete by a team of four women. It is hand produced using thousands of tiny stitches that follow the design pattern appliquéd usually on an off-white background material. A two inch fiberfill is used between the top and bottom layers of the quilt. Fabrics made of 100% cotton, 200 thread count, are used to insure comfort, softness and durability. The result is a quality-approved product of prestige and value made with lots of Aloha.